Savant Somfy RTS Integration – Premium

$99.00 inc GST

This driver will allow you to intuitively control your Somfy connection with the Savant system. More information and step-by-step setup tutorial (text + screenshot) have been attached in the download file ready for purchasing.

Support Savant Version 9.4 and 10.

A new (M1/M2) Pro Host should have python3 installed.

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Key Notes below – Please watch the Video below for Installation support.

Why use this integration?

  • Integration of Somfy RTS controller’s to the shades service with scene builds enabled.
        • Blinds/curtains present in the pro app in the Shades service as a dimmer slider – 0-33% will trigger down and the slider will then snap to 0% – 34-66% will trigger stop and the slider will then snap to 50% – 67-100% will trigger open and the slider will then snap to 100%.
  • Automatically restart when some issue happened
  • Automatic state updates from Somfy to Savant after a reboot or power outage
  • Automatic driver updates – Anytime we release an update to the driver your customer’s host will receive it and update between the hours of 2am-5am

Somfy Driver Connection Options

  • Global Cache FLEX-IP-P-AU iTach Flex IP with PoE and FLC-SL-485 Flex Link Serial Cable (RS485) connected to a somfy RTS controller.
            • Savant RS232 ports with RS485 adapters cannot be used with this integration, it simply will not work.
            • The Global Cache unit should have a fixed IP and if using unifi network equipment we recommend a reservation as well.
            • RS485 bus termination practices should be followed*
                  • 120ohm resistors at either end of the bus line
                  • No more than two RS485 lines from the GC unit.
                  • The integration supports an unlimited number of Somfy RTS controllers connected.
            • Update GC firmware to version 710-3000-21 or newer**

How to use this Integration?

Somfy Driver Installation Notes

Watch this video:


Required files found on the Neat Savant C-Bus Integration page – once checkout is complete files will be accessible.

Do not edit the somfy_rs485 rts.xml – Editing this file may cause the driver to not function – Edit at own Risk

Ensure the following settings are set in the global cache unit:

Global Cache Settings – Navigate to the global cache settings via it’s IP using a web browser. Ensure all the settings match these settings:


Baud Rate: 4800

Flow Control: None

Duplex: Half

Parity: Odd

Data Bits: 8

Stop Bits: 1

Gender Change: False


Purchasing and downloading the files

Firstly purchase the driver and then download this driver and place it into your downloads folder.


Racepoint Configuration

  • Programming
    • Add Somfy profile into the Savant Blueprint 

    – Click “Show Library”

    – Search “Somfy RS485 RTS”

    – Drag $ Drop it into the Blueprint

    – Rename -> “Somfy Blind Controller”               

     – Link the profile to ‘Network switch’ – Control ports ‘localhost’

        Please DO NOT use global cache ip in here

    – Right click Somfy component & click “Show in Inspector”

    • Set the state variable (if cbus has not been used, ignore any cbus settings)

    – somfy_application -> cbus application (eg. 56    double check in the Cbus Toolkit)

    – somfy_globalchache_hostname -> IP Address (already shown up in the iHelp)

    – somfy_globalchache_hostport -> 4999  (default value)

    – somfy_network -> cbus network (eg. 254    double check in the Cbus Toolkit)

    – somfy_project -> CLIPSAL (double check in the Cbus Toolkit)

    • Click Tools -> Settings -> Shades…

    – Add new shades & Set Location, Entity (Single Motor Variable Shade) & Label

    – Set Address [1]: Somfy_Node_ID+Channel (eg. 05E04C+1)

    – Set Address [2]: cbus button address (double check in the Cbus Toolkit)

    – Set Address [3]: time from top to the bottom (normally 30s)

    – Tips: If a remote controller should be used which is different from the screen remote controller (see controllers in the overview image), we can put any channel that has not been used in the blueprint. After pairing it in the savant later (next step), the channel has been occupied by another remote controller, but they are still under the same Somfy RTS Unit.

  • Set the trigger which allows the system to update the driver files. Navigate to Review Triggers > Add new trigger and rename > Show the Services/Requests/States. Set the ‘Schedules’ every 5 minutes every day to check for an available update. Drag and Drop the new schedule created just now into ‘When any of these states change the value, evaluate the Rules’. Create a new request under the ‘General Programmable Service Requests’. Drag and Drop the new trigger into ‘then (request)’ and double click to open the workflow. Search ‘Run Shell Script’ and click. Copy and Paste the script into the terminal. (script attached in the download file) 
  • Save the configurations  & Send the new profile into the savant host via Savant Application Manager
  • After a few seconds, the driver should be started



As soon as the driver begins to run it will attempt to authenticate with neat’s server – If authentication fails and/or a licence has not been purchased (Plus processed – neat’s admin needs to confirm the order) the system will become unresponsive to Somfy commands after 24 Hours.

Anytime the host is restarted it will need to authenticate with neat’s server within 24 hours otherwise Somfy commands will become unresponsive.

The driver will try to call the neat server every 5 minutes to check for an available update.



If everything is connected and there is no feedback on the driver and blinds are not working from Savant check:

Ensure the driver is running with $ driver status

Correct Addresses in the lighting table

System Monitor > Component status, is the Somfy profile getting feedback from the network

Ensure the cable is plugged incorrectly

Recheck the steps above

Email Neat Integration



Please enjoy this savant somfy integration driver to intuitively control your home from a single app