Clipsal Wiser Hub

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The Wiser Hub enables you to easily manage your home environment. It connects Wiser devices and enables the communication between multiple devices and a smartphone via the Wiser app. The hub also enables voice control and allows you to control your home from a remote location.


  • Wiser central communication interface
  • Connects devices and enables communication via the Wiser by SE app
  • Enables voice control and control over your home from a remote location
  • Can be placed on a table using the optional table stand or mounted on the wall
  • Enables scene control (moments) and automation functions
  • Monitors and controls Wiser Zigbee devices through the Wiser by SE app, ethernet or Wi-Fi®
  • Zigbee to IP network hub
  • 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • IP20
Range Clipsal Wiser
Weight 0.3570kg
Height 0.069m
Width 0.134m
Length 0.187m